It’s All about the People... Transneftstroy, LLC is Interested in Engaging Highly Qualified Specialists.

Date of publication: 01 June 2013 Print

Transneftstroy, LLC, has always been interested in engaging highly qualified specialists ready to use their knowledge and skills at the Transneft system facilities. Refilling the HR reserve of our Company is one of priority tasks of the Transneftstroy, LLC, HR Division.


At present, we are looking for the following specialists:

Arc welders (consumable electrode active-gas shielded mechanized arc welding + self-shielding wire mechanized welding, consumable electrode active-gas shielded mechanized arc welding + flux-cored welding active-gas shielded automatic welding, manual arc welding) for performance of welding works on oil trunk pipelines DN 500 – DN 1000 at the Transneft JSC facilities.

  • male;
  • 5-6 skill category;
  • valid NAKS (National Agency for Welding Control) certificate (oil-and-gas production equipment works, Items 1, 2, 5, metalwork, Item 1,3);
  • certification according to additional requirements of Transneft, JSC;
  • skills at welding works on the following equipment:
  • automatic welding with heads M300;
    • automatic hidden arc welding on specialized pipe welding equipment;
    • semi-automatic gas-shielded welding (STT technology) by using the self-clinching flux-cored wire (Innershield).